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Customize your case
     Customize your case
  • Design: We can use your CAD design, a sample or an idea in your head to create a high-quality prototype.

  • Fabrics & Materials: Based on your requirements, we can utilize our 20+ years exoerience to recommend materials ranging from a ballistic nylon to fine leather, all available in a vast array of colors.  You can also choose from a variety of hardware applications, such as zippers, buckles, straps, handles, padding and wheels.

  • Labeling / Packaging: We offer a broad range of optionsto creatively label your product with embroidery, embossing, silk-screening, metal logos, custom zipper pulls, luggage tags, etc.

  • Retail Packaging: We have extensive expertise in retail packaging (i.e. UPC code labels, printing and fulfillment of instruction manuals, blister and clamshell packaging).

  You name it, we can create it! Contact us today and allow us to begin creating a unique case for your product!

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